Mildred Brito

Full Stack Software Developer

Passionate about crafting innovative software with my experience in JavaScript/ReactJS and Java/Spring boot, I’m dedicated to staying updated with industry trends and thrive in collaborating with diverse teams for impactful solutions.

cartoon portrait of Mildred Brito


Webstie 1

DataXport Careers

Restructured the career section of the company's website, which now displays current openings, teams, and mission/vision.

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DataXport Careers 2

An extension to their Careers website that informs about the responsibilities, benefits, and requirements of the call center position.

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Ticket Notifications

Automated a ticket system to display Windows 10 notifications after a set period, aiming to reduce response times.

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Server Checklist

A Windows application designed to automate the daily process of inspecting the server room, saving the relevant information into an Excel file.